26. 07. 2011.  21:00
Mate Matišić project:
Bireli Lagrene (gitar),
Stochelo Rosenberg (gitar)

Galerija Klovićevi dvori, Zagreb

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1. Mussete waltz:
A. Verchuren

2. Shine: Brown- Dabnei-Marc
3. Daphne: D. Reinhardt


The musical expression of HOT CLUB ZAGREB ensemble is based on the worldwide know ethno swing music of rich diversifield content as well as on the Croatian popular music composed and adapted to accordion and guitar. It is a sort of music laboratory ( consisting of some of the best players i n Croatia) where the researches are conducted concerning all possibilities of the said instrumnets as well as concerning unique orchestrations and interpretations of authentic music themes and specifics of popular music modes suitable for improvisation. HOT CLUB ZAGREB - was founded in 1990 on the initiative of Mate Matišić, using the Hot Club de France as a model.The ensemble goes back to 1975, when it was known as the Vatroslav Lisinski School of Music School Orchestra.It has performed on many jazz fetivals in Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, and Italy and on various Radio and TV shows.

GYPSY JAZZ INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL was held in Zagreb, and in the city of Varazdin, on July 5-7. The organizer and host HOT CLUB ZAGREB invited some of the greatest gypsy jazz musicians in the world - Florin Nicolescu, and Stochelo Rosenberg. In addition, there was also a special guest on the rhythm guitar, Titi Bamberger, with his band ANSAMBL JE T'AIME PARIS.

   Those were truly three nights to be remembered. First two concerts in Zagreb were put out in the beautiful old town area, settled above the downtown main square with incredible scenery. Under the clear night sky, musicians gave their best to entertain a massive crowd, all those who love the special sounds of Selmer guitars. Here it has to be mentioned that Stochelo Rosenberg plays the Selmer guitar from 1940s, serial numbered just one above Django Reinhardts'.

   First concert saw a guest star Florin Nicolescu on violin. A remarkable, one of a kind fiddler chose some familiar jazz standards like Nuages, All Of Me, or Caravan. He impressed not only the audienece, but also other musicians who were battling on the stage, leading the program up to the extasy. Interesting fact is that Florin studied in Moscow at the same time as Marjan Krajna.

   Second concert in Zagreb introduced one of the best guitarists in the gyspy jazz world, Stochelo Rosenberg. He played another set of standards with profine elegancy and unique style. Being a true gentleman, he and Mate Matisic presented guitar music performance of another level, exchanging solos after solos. The best effect on all concerts gave Marjan Krajna on accordion, giving out his magnificant sound through solos that resembled all the old gypsy jazz bands in the 1940s France.

   The stage in city of Varazdin (some 70km north of Zagreb) was occupied with all of the stars from the very beggining. Florin, Stochelo, Titi, Mate, Marjan, Milivoj, and Jurica played for 60 minutes until the stormy weather made them to announce the early finish. Neverthelss, it was again night to be remembered for all of the gypsy jazz music fans.

ANSAMBL JE T'AIME PARIS: Mario Adler, solo guitar; Titi Bamberger rhythm guitar; Ottorino Freyer, guitar; Dietmar Osterburg, double bass; Michael Ritter, guitar; Christof König, violin
HOT CLUB ZAGREB: Mate Matišić, solo guitar; Marjan Krajna, accordion; Jurica Štelma, double bass; Milivoj Majdak, rhythm guitar